Bicycling and walking are fun, healthy and environmentally-friendly ways of getting around. As Americans become increasingly health conscious and the cost of gas keeps rising, they realize that bicycling and walking are viable commute option that have many benefits.
Instead of going to the gym after work, try bicycling or walking to work.  Riding a bike or walking to work won't just make you healthier -- it will also save you money.

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CommuteFinderNW is a great ride matching tool that will help you find someone to share your bike ride with, in addition to finding potential carpool partners or joining an existing vanpooling. 

Join - New to this experience? Join other smart commuters who are already saving money and the environment by bicycling to work. Enter your info and be sure to indicate that you are interested in finding someone that bicycles. You will immediately get a list of potential bicycling matches to contact.

And, if your bike ride is too long, try combining your bike trip with a STA bus. All STA busses are equipped with bike racks which makes it easy to combine a bike and bus commute.

Log In – Already registered? Click this link to manage your profile. You can also create new trips to find vanpools, carpools, transit options and bike/walk partners.

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